A Message to Parents & Guardians

Welcome to The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program.

Thank you for helping your teen become a resourceful, responsible and respectful driver.

These traits have never been more important than they are today. With your help, your teen driver will learn how their actions affect others on the road and recognize ways to prevent accidents.

Your time supervising your young driver is critical. You help them learn to put away their cell phone while they drive. You help set boundaries for avoiding distractions — boisterous friends in the car, the radio, texts, and phone calls.

This booklet helps parents take an active role in their child’s driving education.

It is designed to assist supervising drivers in documenting young drivers’ time and practice on driving logs that are required by North Carolina’s graduated licensing program.

Thank you for your efforts to teach your child safe, responsible driving behavior. You are helping to keep our highways safe for everyone and preparing your child for a lifetime of success on the road.

Roy Cooper


Joey Hopkins

Secretary of Transportation

G. Wayne Goodwin
Commissioner of DMV