A Message from AAA

Dear Parents of New Drivers,
Are you nervous, happy or excited? Probably all three. No doubt, you’re nervous that your child is now a licensed driver. But happy that your job as their personal chauffeur is over. And excited that they’ve reached a major milestone in life: driving.

At AAA, we’re here to help with that nervous part.

This guide is one of the ways we help. As sponsor, we understand the importance every parent places on keeping their child safe on the road. But our commitment to the well-being of drivers goes much deeper.

For us, safety is a lifelong pursuit.

Back when we were founded in 1902, we were already advocating for a national highway system. Today, we continue to help protect with auto insurance and programs that range from child passenger safety and School Safety Patrol® to the AAA PROMise sobriety pledge for teens and defensive driving courses for seniors.

Many of us at AAA are parents too.

We understand your concerns. We helped our children become safer, more cautious drivers, and you can too. Just remember: When you have the urge to close your eyes the first time they parallel park…safety always comes first.