Final Tips for Parents

  1. The longer a teen holds their Learner’s Permit, the less risk of crashing. Aim for 12 months instead of 6 months of supervised driving.
  2. Consistent and varied practice can reduce your teen’s crash risk. Practice driving regularly on different roads, even if you’re going to and from the same place.
  3. Think hard about your teen’s access to a vehicle. Consider your teen sharing access to the family car, instead of getting them their own car. It is best for teens to have limited access to a car in the first months of licensure. This can reduce their risk of crashing.
  4. Parents should continue to drive with their teens after they get their license! Stay involved, and try to be aware of each trip they’re taking in that first year of independent driving.

Our thanks to Dr Jonathon Ehsani and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for these tips and their ongoing research to eliminate teen crashes.