New Laws

Move Over Law: When you see stopped emergency vehicles, towing carrier vehicles or public utility service vehicles with activated red, white, blue, yellow or amber lights in an adjacent lane, you must move over one lane, if you can do so safely. If it is not safe or you are traveling on a road that is one lane in each direction, you must slow down. Drivers must move over one lane if possible or if not possible slow down. Drivers are required to slow to 20mph if the speed limit is under 45 mph and slow to 20 mph under the speed limit if the speed limit is over 45 mph.

Colorado’s Move Over Law protects law enforcement, fire, maintenance, other emergency personnel and you.

Colorado Safety Stop: When the intersection is clear and the cyclist has the right of way and the bicyclist is 15 years old or older they may now yield at stop signs and treat stop lights as stop signs.

Traction Law: From Sept 1st-May 31st, all vehicles on state highways must have tires with 3/16 -inch tread on snowy roads and 1/8 inch tread on dry roads. During an active Traction Law, all tires must be designated as snow, or snow and mud (M+S), or they must be four/all wheel drive.

Snow Plows: In 2019, Gov. Jared Polis signed HB 19-1265 into law, increasing penalties for motorists who pass snowplows. It is now a Class A traffic offense to pass a snowplow operated by a state, county, or local agency when the truck is displaying its lights and operating in a tandem formation with one or more snowplows.

The Foster Children Driver License Act: Effective August 2, 2019, this streamlines the process for foster children to obtain a driver license.

Visit www.Colorado.gov/DMV/foster-children-driver-licenses for more information.