Preparing for the Road test

The following is a checklist of documentation and vehicle requirements that must be met prior to performing a road test. Please take the time to review this list and check the vehicle to be used for compliance.

Necessary items

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment
  • Arrive in a vehicle that fulfills the vehicle requirements below
  • Bring your valid learner permit
  • Bring your 40-hour Certification of Eligibility of Provisional License form
  • Be accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years or older
  • Bring a car that has valid registration and proof of insurance
  • Wear your seat belt

Please note: If you have a learner permit and drive yourself to your road test appointment without being accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years or older, you will not be allowed to take your test for 6 months.

Vehicle requirements

The vehicle used to take the test must:

  • Have a current registration card with a valid window registration sticker (if applicable) or current sticker displaying a valid expiration date affixed to the plates (if applicable).
  • Have a motor vehicle liability insurance card or the policy which must identify the vehicle and include the expiration date.
  • Display front and rear license plates (if applicable), properly affixed to the bumper.
  • Have properly functioning brake lights, turn signals, horn, windows that roll up and down, operable doors with inside and outside door handles, inside rearview mirror, and outside side (left/right) view mirrors properly placed.
  • Have a hand emergency brake located between the driver and the front passenger seats.
  • Have a windshield with no cracks or debris, providing an unobstructed field of vision and nothing hanging from the rearview mirror.
  • Have tires that are in good condition and properly inflated. Spare (donut) tires are not acceptable.
  • Rental vehicles are allowed for road tests only if the person taking the test is listed on the rental contract as an approved driver.

For questions, please visit our website at www.dmv.dc.gov or contact the District’s City Wide Call Center at 311 or (202) 737-4404