A Message from Vermont Mutual

Since 1828, Vermont Mutual has been committed to safety and protection. We were there long before the first motorcars began driving our scenic New England roads and highways and we’re still here today.

As an insurer of motor vehicles, we understand the risks associated with operating an automobile. Every day in the United States over 200 million people take to our roads, this fact alone underscores the need for safe and proficient drivers.

Learning to operate an automobile represents a significant milestone in a young person’s life. For the teenager, it can be an exciting, if sometimes daunting, time that starts one on the road to greater independence. For parents, it is a time to ensure that their children are properly prepared for this next big step in their young lives.

Vermont Mutual is proud to be a sponsor of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program. We recognize that few are more committed to the safety of an inexperienced teenage driver than a teen’s very own parents. Through conscientious application of the lessons outlined in this program, parents will be better equipped to help their children become attentive and responsible drivers. The program is also an opportunity for both parents and teens to connect through mutual preparation and learning.

On behalf of Vermont Mutual and our local Independent Insurance Agency partners, we wish you and your family many years of safe and happy driving.


Daniel C. Bridge

President & CEO

Vermont Mutual Insurance Group