If Stopped by Law Enforcement…


Pull to the nearest/safest spot out of traffic, use your turn signal, and remember SAFETY.

  • S – Stay calm and remain in the vehicle (unless instructed otherwise). Keep your seat belt fastened, and roll the window down completely.
  • A – Always keep both hands visible to the officer. Driver’s hands should be on the steering wheel. Turn on interior lights if stopped at night.
  • F – Focus on the officer. Turn off the radio, put down any mobile devices, and be courteous even if you disagree.
  • E – Explanations can be made in court, not on the road side. Do NOT argue with the officer.
  • T – Tell the officer where your documents (i.e. driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration) are located. Take out your documents only after the officer’s request.
  • Y – You should NOT make sudden moves or threatening gestures. Inform the officer if there is a weapon in the vehicle and where. Do NOT reach for the weapon.

Things You Should Know

  • If the officer is not in uniform or does not have a marked patrol car, you should ask for identification.
  • The officer may approach the driver’s side or passenger side of the vehicle. Do not be alarmed; he or she will approach in the safest manner.
  • If you receive a citation in Georgia, you will be asked to sign it.
  • Signing the citation is NOT an admission of guilt. It only means that you received a citation for a violation.
  • Any refusal to sign the citation could result in you being arrested and taken to jail to post a bond.
  • You will be given a court date to argue your case.
  • You should not discard your copy of the citation.