DDS Customer Service Centers

DDS Customer Service Centers

This section contains the cities and addresses of the DDS Customer Service Centers (CSCs) that offer CDL testing in Georgia. Our Customer Contact Center at (678) 413-8400 can answer any questions you have and assist with scheduling your required road test appointment.



Albany 2062 Newton Road
Between 1010 Heritage Pkwy.
Brunswick 134 Jack Hartman Blvd.
(Class B only)
400 Aquatic Circle
Dalton 235 Wagner Road
Gainesville 1010 Aviation Blvd.

1578 Highway 16 West

Milledgeville 200 Carl Vinson Road
Thomson 172 Bob Kirk Road
Rome 3390 Martha Berry Hwy

DDS Issues Secure ID Driver’s Licenses & ID Cards

If you currently hold a valid Georgia Driver’s License/ID, it will be replaced with a Secure ID Driver’s License/ID at your next renewal or license reinstatement.

If you currently do not hold a valid Georgia Driver’s License/ID, you will be issued a Secure ID Driver’s License/ID when you make application. Beginning October 1, 2020, you will need a Secure ID (with a star in the upper right corner) to fly within the U.S., or to enter Federal facilities or nuclear power plants. Learn more at www.dhs.gov.

To obtain your Secure ID Driver’s License or ID Card, you will need to provide the following to DDS:

  • Original or certified copy of your Birth Certificate (or other accepted identity document)
  • A document showing your full Social Security Number
  • Two documents showing your Residential Address
  • Documents supporting legal name changes