A Message from the District of Columbia Army National Guard

Sponsor message

For your teen, a driver’s license represents maturity and independence. As parents, we understand it means so much more. That is why the District of Columbia National Guard is a proud sponsor of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program.

Like your new driver, the National Guard has long cherished freedom and independence. Since 1802, the District of Columbia National Guard has served both community and country, responding to domestic emergencies, reconstruction missions, and overseas combat missions.

As you continue to steer your young adult towards greater responsibility and obligations, service in the National Guard can provide an additional support structure for their expanding life. By committing to part-time service, they can earn full-time benefits including monthly drill pay, health and life insurance, tuition assistance, and a retirement pension.

The District of Columbia National Guard is proud to stand with you and your teen as you begin training responsible and safe drivers. As you work though this booklet, we challenge you to devote maximum effort and accomplish each task to the best of your ability. Thank you for doing your part to make District of Columbia roads a little bit safer.