Director’s Message

As you prepare to teach your child the ways of the road, I encourage you to go above and beyond for the sake of your child’s life. South Carolina law requires that your child spends at least 40 hours on the road with a parent or guardian while he or she learns to drive. My question to you is why wouldn’t you spend double, triple, or four times that if it means your child is more comfortable behind the wheel and he or she has a better chance of coming home alive?

You should teach your child to keep two hands on the wheel, put the cell phone down, and remain calm, but alert, on South Carolina roads. You should teach your child that driving at night is different than driving during the day and that driving in the rain means he or she will prepare differently than driving during a clear and sunny Carolina afternoon. You should teach your child that some state roads are in rural areas while some are in heavily populated cities. You should teach your child that no matter what, all the time, the goal is for he or she to come home safely.

Do you see what’s common throughout that message? YOU. Parents and guardians are the ones who are ultimately responsible for teaching their children the rules of the road. I urge you to take this charge seriously.

Use this guide as a resource as you prepare your child for becoming #RoadReady. This booklet is divided into lessons making it easy to focus on specific skills that become more advanced as you continue. I am confident that with your continued help, our children and loved ones will not only be safer themselves, but will also keep the roads safe for our fellow South Carolinians.

Kevin A. Shwedo
Executive Director
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles