A Message from Safety Insurance

When your child starts driving it can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. The thought of a young excited inexperienced teenager behind the wheel for the first time makes us all understandably nervous about handing over the keys.

Teaching your children how to drive is a multi-step process that will hopefully help them build confidence on the road and help you gain trust in their abilities. We are pleased to provide The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to map out – for both parents and teens – the path to becoming a safe and successful driver.

While some of this information may seem obvious, studies show that utilizing a phased approach helps both driver and teacher understand driving milestones and the responsibilities and challenges of each phase; this program emphasizes accomplishments, rather than a specific timeline, because everyone learns at a different pace.

Safety Insurance is proud to sponsor this official program, and hopes that it will make the driving experience a safer one for both you and your teen driver.

Safe Driving,

George M. Murphy
President and CEO of Safety Insurance