A Message from Grappone

My family business has been serving New Hampshire since 1924 and we are here for drivers from day one. Grappone believes in educating consumers so that they can make smarter decisions for themselves and their families. We are honored to be viewed as a trusted source for information on all things automotive, because driving isn’t a luxury in the state of NH, but most often a necessity. We are excited to expand the resources available to our community by helping young drivers and their families learn more about safe and responsible driving practices. My hope is to offer more public awareness about this program to start conversations about keeping teens safe on the roads.

Grappone Automotive is so pleased to be a sponsor for The NH Parent’s Supervised Driving Program and our team of experts can answer any questions you have, from service to sales to parts. Parents and students, if you ever need me, please call or email at any time. Thank you for being a part of the program and we’ll see you on the road!

Amanda Grappone Osmer