A Message from the Idaho Army National Guard

A Message to Parents and Guardians,

We understand that raising a child is a series of first steps. Some come with excitement and others with trepidation. Leading any young person into the world of driving is full of excitement, apprehension, and teamwork that will result in another skilled driver on the roads of the great State of Idaho.

We at the Idaho Army National Guard would like to congratulate and support you as you prepare them to join us on our streets and highways. Partnering with this program is a way for us to help you help your student-driver prepare for this

next step in their independence.

Having their license means more than just an excited teen willing to make grocery runs for you and tee-ball pickups for younger siblings. Like every new

responsibility in life, it comes with some risk, but we in the Idaho Army National Guard understand risk management in both our training and our operations. It is our hope that with the use of this guide, your teen will be fully prepared for this

newly acquired independence.

In the Idaho Army National Guard, our mission is to serve the state in times of natural disasters like fires, floods, and snow removal. When called upon,

we also have the opportunity to serve around the world in times of need. Most of us serve part-time while building our careers, pursuing higher education, and raising our families. When you see our uniform, know that we are your neighbors, coworkers, and classmates, here to protect the community we call home. Partnering with this program is another way we can support our beautiful

state and teach our young drivers to be safe and vigilant at all times.

Our best wishes are with you and your new driver as you lead them in their next step toward adulthood. It is truly our honor to serve you and the entire state of Idaho.

Idaho Army National Guard