Other Highway Emergencies


Accelerator Jammed

Brakes Fail

Wet Brakes

  • Apply mud, dirt, dust or snow. Check ditch for water.
  • Use hub cap to carry water to wet apparel.
  • Loosen dirt with tire tool to throw on fire.
  • Slap the pedal with foot.
  • Shift to neutral.
  • Concentrate on steering.
  • Use brakes.
  • Turn off ignition (not to lock).
  • Shift to lower gear.
  • Use parking brakes.
  • Rub tire on the curb.
  • Look for a safe area to slow to a stop.
  • Test brakes lightly after driving through deep water. Brakes may pull to one side or may not hold at all.
  • Dry brakes by driving slowly in low gear while applying brakes lightly.